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what is op2?

op2 is a hosted environment for the RamQuest software solutions that conforms to all of the ALTA Best Practices standards for an IT environment. It is designed to offer the highest level of security, availability and redundancy for your RamQuest software in the title and settlement industry today. In addition, op2 enables you with a reliable “virtual office” that gives you access to your RamQuest software from anywhere – the office, home, a closing, or on the beach – that you have internet access.

How is op2 different?

how is op2 different?

op2 is the only underwriter-grade, hosted, private cloud solution in the title and settlement industry that features the complete RamQuest software suite.

Is op2 for me?

is op2 for me?

Hosting your own software on your own network or on a public cloud is something you can do but you should ask yourself; “Do I really want this responsibility?”

Alta Elite Provider

Alta Elite Provider

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